Distinction for MAKRUM at the symposium in Łódź


‘Reclaimed Asphalt in Road Engineering’ – this was the subject of the Symposium organised in Łódź by the Polish Road Congress in cooperation with the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways..



Although reclaimed asphalt is waste, it can be reprocessed and reused in mineral-asphalt mixtures. There is, however, there is some legal and technical doubt, the organisers wanted to dispel at the meeting in front of the participating interns and scientists.

The programme of the Symposium covered the following: known applications of reclaimed asphalt on A and S class roads, applicability of reclaimed asphalt pursuant to the Polish and German regulations and experience or management of reclaimed asphalt in the Department of the General Directorate for National Roads and Motorways in Łódź.





We drew our attention to the subject of the reuse of reclaimed asphalt two years ago, when we started to work on the first Polish Reclaimed Asphalt Granulator, following opinions of our customers. The machine was designed in response to the demands of both the industry and the natural environment. Recycling is applied in many areas of our life and is becoming more popular in road engineering as well. In order to promote the use of reclaimed asphalt and explain technical and legal complexities, this year we contributed to the publication of the ‘Poradnik Stosowania Destruktu Asfaltowego’ (Guidelines on the Application of Reclaimed Asphalt), written by the remarkable specialists Stanisław Styk and Ireneusz Strugała.

During the Symposium, we had the opportunity to present the history of our brand: from an overhaul of agricultural equipment to the Reclaimed Asphalt Granulate (RAG). On the occasion of our Anniversary, we achieved distinction from the organisers of the meeting in Łódź.nagroda